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Common Queries

Need to Know

Interested in learning more? Here are a number of frequently asked questions i’ve received. I've tried including a comprehensive variety, but if you still have questions please get in touch and I’ll answer them ASAP.


How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

My beliefs and approach towards my clients fitness is what separates me from the regular. I'm focused and centered around a balanced ethos where by i empower, educate and support my clients pre to post their fitness journey.

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

My list of top 10 equipment that are a must have for home equipment are -:

1: Resistance Bands

2: Glut bands

3: Bosu Ball

4: Stability Ball

5: TRX Cable

6: Sliding Disks

7: Dumbbells

8: Therapeutic Massage Gun

9: Foam Roller/ Peanut

10: Skipping Rope

Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

When it comes to guidance and baseline meal planning there is no additional charge if it comes with a exercise plan, however should the request be specific to just a meal plan a consultancy fee will be charged.

What  advice would you give to someone who is fairly new to the gym and workout environment?

There are a few pointers for people who have just stepped on to the workout scene:
1: know your goal (because if you know your goal you will not be influenced by any person trying to make a quick buck off you).
2: Pace yourself and focus on important pillars (your form, mobility, range of motion, flexibility).,
3: Leave your ego at the door! (this is the worst attitude to take to the gym which will derail your progress).

What are your favorite exercise formats

Top of my list would be compound exercises (these are multi joint multi muscle stimulating exercises) and followed closely by functional exercises ( these are exercises that mimic our daily activities)

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