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Sibanda's program is a complete game changer in the fitness industry. He's ability to curate a bespoke fitness journey for his clients is unmatched. As one of his clients, after having numerous personal trainers in the past i can undoubtedly endorse his approach and methods with incredible distinction. Our pre-enlisting meeting allowed Sibanda to identify exactly what we needed to address, focus on, prioritise in order to achieve the set goals. My fitness goals are to lower my body fat percentage to 10%, in a very short but consistent period of training with Sibanda I'm crushing my goals and very close to being in the best shape of my life. I have successfully lost 7 kilograms while building lean muscle mass through Sibandas tailored workout routines, diet meal plans and lifestyle adjustments. I highly recommend Sibanda to everyone who wants to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Davin Masuku

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"I can honestly say I am an individual who has always gotten away with eating whatever I want because of my petite outlook. Going into the program I was very skeptical about what benefits I could get when I already looked slim and trim. The Sibanda Fitness Program has helped me immensely as the specially tailored fitness program suits my body type and love for food. The fitness program is tailored to my needs and areas of focus, works around my work-life schedule, and most of all, does not interfere with my love for food. The sessions are so personalised and most of all, the program has managed to listen to the need that I want abs, and a better toned lower body. I have been recommending this program since to all my friends, and would do so to other people in a heartbeat."

Miranda Mupfurutsa

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The program was really helpful in that after having been doing basically nothing for a long while, it helped me get back into the groove of things and slowly eased m e back in. It wasnt so drastic thai i was dyying but each week i had a good challenge i looked foward to.

Farai Kawonde

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My fitness journey has been a dream thanks to Sibanda Fitness solutions. As a rugby player the focus tends to be on always being in top form – but injuries tend to get in the way of that. They come with the territory! Throughout recovery and physiotherapy, I never felt like I was lagging in terms of my overall fitness. My experience on several of these focused programs led to a full recovery, reduced risk of reinjury and key lessons in respecting pain and the cues my body was giving me. I have also been able to supplement my team’s fitness programme without giving up my rest days. The best part is the culinary hacks included in my program! This value-add ensured I’m not just killing myself in the gym and on the field – but I am also complementing my efforts with the right food choices as opposed to making educated guesses and following social media fads. He is more than just a personal trainer – I have someone to be accountable to, who helps keep me in check and works hard to keep me focused on my fitness goals.

Tarry Marufu

Testimonials: Testimonials
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