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The Whoosh Effect (Fact or Fiction)

The theory that fat cells temporarily fill with water then undergo a sudden shrink and lose all of water is complete fiction, yes when one is pursuing a weight loss journey they will be random spikes and drops in weight until a final balance is reached. The body does get to a point where it drops water retention but this effect is none existent.

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Cardio vs Weight Training

The traditional belief is that weight loss equals cardio and more cardio well that not exactly true. weight training as well can do the same job (as weights require a lot of energy due to muscle fiber recruitment), its a matter of finding the right balance and combination of the two.

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Clean Bulking & Dirty Bulking

Clean Bulking is a bulking strategy that uses a moderate increase in calorie intake with healthy eating choices and Dirty Bulking is based on high consumption of high calorie foods that also include junk food in a bid to obtain quick weight gain.



The acronym stands from sections of the anatomy that can be used to strategically arrange a complete circuit targeting the whole body (Upper body, Lower Body, Torso, Abdominal). With this tool one can ensure that they achieve a true full body workout.

Llifting Weights

The Science Behind Time Under Tension Theory

the science of Time Under Tension is based on the structure of the muscle. as a muscle is placed under duress during workout phase for a long periods, micro fibre tears will occur resulting in an increase in muscle size, strength and endurance as it will attempt to adjust to the demand placed on it.


The Energy Equation

The Energy equation is a basic fundamental that tries to explain the concept of how energy in this case calories will function based on in put vs output. It states that if more energy is put in the body than the amount taken out weight will be gained as there will be  a surplus, if however if you put in less energy as compered to what you take out weight is lost as you will be operating at a deficit finally if you put the same amount in and expend the same amount out you remain at a plateau.

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Plateau & How To Overcome It

In order to overcome a plateau one has to be able to identify when it occurs. A plateau is when your body stops responding to the workout routine used as a stimulus thus a new catalyst has  to be introduced and in this case that will be a change in either the routine itself or the workout environment to which new adaptations will start to occur.

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The Healthy Eating Plate

This is a eat well plate that is based on healthy eating guidelines to ensure that one gets the most out of a meal in-terms of nutritional value. it gives a visual presentation of the portions and sizes of food groups that are to be included. although this can vary based on an individuals goals it helps in providing a basic understating of a balanced meal.

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Goal Setting

Much like all goals one has o have intimate knowledge of what exactly it is they want right down to the tee as all goals are different much like the people themselves . This is were we apply the acronym  S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound)

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Compound Exercises

These are multi muscle stimulating exercises, meaning they activate more than 1 muscle group during the performance of the exercise e.g Dead Lift or Squats. Such exercises are perfect when one is pressed for time and wants to get a high calorie burn in the same space.

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